Humphrey & Jack – The Movie

It’s only a matter of time, you know. Here’s my dream cast (unless you know better – why not make your suggestions at the bottom of the page?)

Humphrey – Martin Clunes 

Jack – Asa Butterfield

Mrs Bellingham – Maggie Smith

Secondhand Sue – Julie Walters

Flake – Rys Ifans

Cora – Imelda Staunton

Garth – Gary Oldman

Hector – Benedict Cumberbatch

Mark – Harry Marcus

Althea – Olivia Coleman

Tom – Sean Evans


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Perfect! Great faces for Humphrey and Jack. Other than Maggie Smith, I’ll have to look-up the other players, except… Gary Oldman! Brilliant choice! Seems to me contacting Martin Clunes’ agent might be in order.

Perfect choice; I concur. Knew them all apart from Harry Marcus and Sean Evans. Right, c’mon get on with the screenplay…..make an old lady very happy !! 🙂 x

I’m afraid I haven’t the time or skills for screenplays. Harry is an ex-pupil. He is the smaller boy on the cover and has performed in Les Miserables and Poldark. Sean Evans is Endeavour on the telly.

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