Media Coverage

‘It is true that I had the man thrown into the duck pond at Lindum Cloaca for non-payment of rent, your honour,’ Lord Lindum said in court today. ‘What’s the matter? Can no-one take a joke any more?’

The Lindum Mercury

‘Lindum Towers is a vast, rambling, crumbling eyesore. Its promiscuous mix of clashing architectural styles amount to nothing more than a Victorian mess.

Nikolaus Pevsner
The Buildings of England

‘His lordship attempted to gain entry into my boudoir by posing as an orthopaedic masseuse.’

A Lady

‘The rumour that I am contemplating shooting an epic movie featuring the life of Baron Lindum is categorically not true. I have a strong suspicion that the rumour originated with the baron himself.’

Ridley Scott

‘Ho ho ho. Have I got a surprise for you!’