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Humphrey and Jack Update

After twenty-five consecutive days of work, weekends included, and four meticulous edits, Humphrey and Jack is ready to go off to my editor. I look forward to some beers and a meal with him in London on Friday.

I have managed to reduce the draft by two and a half thousand words, some of which I was very sad to let go.

I think it works but I need a break from it. A couple of days’ rest and I will then polish off an overdue review and then get back to work on a little collection of short stories called Cherries.

Two stories are ready, one is half-written, one is in my head and I will, I think, need another one. I already have a brilliant cover based on a photograph commissioned from a friend, but that’s a secret for now.

Now for something fizzy and I don’t mean Coca Cola.