It occurred to me that there are a good many pubs, clubs and restaurants in my work so I thought I would list them.

But which are fictitious and which have I invented?
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Free books for the first person to get them all correct!

Here goes:

The Mouse Triptych


The Swan Diptych

The Hope and Anchor (Lincoln)

The Cardinal’s Hat (Cambridge)

The Saddle of Lamb (Cambridge)

The Eagle and Child (Cambridge)

The Bishop’s Finger (Smithfield, London)

Boar’s Head (Eastcheap, London)

The Blackamoor (Mincing Lane, London)

The Rose without a Thorn (St Mary Axe, London)

The Silent Woman (Tower Hill, London)

Come Away, O Human Child

The Railway Tavern (West Hampstead, London)


The Blue Dolphin (Oxford)

Petrushka (Oxford)

The Seahorse (Vexhaven)

The White Hart (Vexhaven)

The Eagle (Cambridge)

Pizza Express (Cambridge)

The Ocean Cafe (Quex Quay)

The Pier

The Seahorse (Vexhaven)

The Seafarer (Vexhaven)

Humphrey and Jack [WIP]

The Seven Stars (Radcester)

The Quarryman’s Arms (Radcester)

The One-Eyed Highwayman, (Foxet, Sussex)

The Duke of Gloucester (Carlton-le-Sands, Radcestershire)

The Pickerel (Temple Rising, Radcestershire)

The Delhi Durbar (Radcester)

The Swan with Two Necks (Radcester)

The Swallows’ Return (Radcester)

The Prospect of Whitby (Wapping, London)

St Stephen’s Tavern (Westminster, London)

The Swan (Southwark, London)

Royal County Hotel (Durham)

St Nicholas’ Tavern (Durham)

Shaheen’s Restaurant (Durham)

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