Competition Result

swan-diptych-coverThe all-out winner is Lincoln Cupples. His was the only 100% correct entry so there is no runner-up this time. Copies of The Swan Diptych, Come Away, O Human Child and Mr Thomson’s Diary will be winging their way to him this week. Lincoln’s research was thorough. His was the only entry to recognise that The Eagle and The Eagle and Child in Cambridge are one and the same place as the pub sign testifies. There is also an Eagle and Child in Oxford which I might have mentioned in Martin but I can’t remember. There is no Saddle of Lamb or Cardinal’s Hat in Cambridge but you will find a Baron of Beef and a Mitre opposite St John’s. Anyway, congratulations, Lincoln.

Here are his answers in full:

The Hope and Anchor (Lincoln) – not in Lincoln, nearby in South Ferriby

The Cardinal’s Hat (Cambridge) – fictional, but there is a pub of the same name in Lincoln

The Saddle of Lamb (Cambridge) – fictional

The Eagle and Child (Cambridge) – nickname, but real

The Bishop’s Finger (Smithfield, London) – real

Boar’s Head (Eastcheap, London) – historical

The Blackamoor (Mincing Lane, London) – fictional

The Rose without a Thorn (St Mary Axe, London) – fictional

The Silent Woman (Tower Hill, London) – fictional, but there is a pub of the same name in Dorset

The Railway Tavern (West Hampstead, London) – real; there is a Greene King pub called ‘the Railway.

The Blue Dolphin (Oxford) – fictional

Petrushka (Oxford) – fictional

The Seahorse (Vexhaven) – fictional

The White Hart (Vexhaven) – fictional

The Eagle (Cambridge) – see above

Pizza Express (Cambridge) – real x2

The Ocean Cafe (Quex Quay) – fictional

The Seahorse (Vexhaven) – fictional

The Seafarer (Vexhaven) – fictional

The Seven Stars (Radcester) – fictional

The Quarryman’s Arms (Radcester) – fictional

The One-Eyed Highwayman, (Foxet, Sussex) – fictional

The Duke of Gloucester (Carlton-le-Sands, Radcestershire) – fictional, but there is a real Duke of Gloucester in Crewe, very close to me.

The Pickerel (Temple Rising, Radcestershire) – fictional, but there is a pub of the same name in Cambridge

The Delhi Durbar (Radcester) – fictional

The Swan with Two Necks (Radcester) – fictional

The Swallows’ Return (Radcester) – fictional

The Prospect of Whitby (Wapping, London) – real

St Stephen’s Tavern (Westminster, London) – real

The Swan (Southwark, London) – real

Royal County Hotel (Durham) – real

St Nicholas’ Tavern (Durham) – fictional

Shaheen’s Restaurant (Durham) – real

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